Q-mix, a division of Nalakath Group is one of the largest ready-mixed concrete manufacturers in Kerala.
Set up in 2014, under the brand name - “Q-mix”, we plan to expand units across Kerala by 2020.
Q-Mix is a Division of Nalakath Granites, which is an integrated Building Materials Company, offering a wide range of building materials from cement, aggregates, ready-mixed concrete, Metals, and Sand Mix.
It has the highest quality standards due to efficient plant operations with automated controls.
It caters mainly to markets of Kerala, with a large share in Malabar region, with an average lead of from its plant at Perinthamlanna, Kerala.
With high volume plant utilizing the most up to date technology, Q-Mix is able to deliver high-grade mix every time.
Our dedicated professionals have years of experience and are equipped to provide you with the best solutions at an optimal price.
We stand by all that we offer and are proud of the quality of service we provide.


Ready-mixed refers to concrete that is batched for delivery from a central plant instead of being mixed on the job site.
Each batch of ready-mixed concrete is tailor-made according to the specifics of the contractor and is delivered to the contractor in a plastic condition, usually in the cylindrical trucks often known as "cement mixers.
Q-mix commenced its operations under Nalakath Granites in the year 2014.
We have been manufacturing quality concrete in our state of the art facility. Thanks to our fully equipped laboratory, We build products that are of utmost quality. Quality and on-time delivery are central to everything that we do at Qmix.
To ensure consistent quality we take inputs from our own crushers and quarry. With high volume plant utilizing the most up to date technology, Nalakath Q-Mix Ready Mix is able to deliver a consistently high-grade mix every time.
Our dedicated professionals have decades of experience and are trained to provide you with the concrete solutions you need – at the price you deserve. We stand by all that we offer and are proud of the quality of service we provide. Our facility is completely equipped with world’s leading ready-mix concrete mixers and concrete transport system - Schwing Stetter. With our machines, we can, supply concrete to various locations. We use cement and admixtures from trusted sources only who have a strong legacy in the business.


The properties of the ready-mix in the fresh and hardened states are prone to variations on account of a number of factors. These properties are dependent upon the properties of different ingredients used in concrete, the process control measures, optimization efforts in mix proportions and the degree of quality control exercised by the producer. Nalakath Granites gives immense importance to quality assurance for the products that are delivered to our customers. Below are some of the measures that are taken by us :
  • Ensure the quality of all input materials used in production through professional and technology-driven in-house or third-party testing
  • Monitor the key properties of concrete in the fresh and hardened states, including their statistical analysis
  • Strict process control measures which happen thorough inspection, timely maintenance of equipment, occasional scale calibration of weighing device etc.
We have a fully functional plant. Majority of our processes are fully computerized and we use Schwing MCI 360, known for its control systems which are developed according to requirements of modern Mixing Plant technology incorporating the latest technologies available. Our fully computerized batching plant can produce
  • 54 m3 of concrete per hour: Our facility has the capacity to produce 54 Metre cubic of concrete an hour. As mentioned above, We use Schwing MCI 360 thereby ensuring the speed and quality of ready mix that is manufactured
  • We have a fleet of 8 millers, which is capable of transporting 60 m3 of concrete in total at a time. This ensures that a large quantity of concrete can be delivered to the customer's location from our plan that is located in Perinthalmanna. We have a professional fleet that delivers products on time and with utmost responsibility.
  • Under concrete pumps, we have 3 line pumps, comprising of : 2 numbers of SP 1200.(capable of pumping concrete up to 16-17 floors) 1 number of SP 1807.(capable of pumping concrete up to 35 floors.) During times when advanced pumping is required, A boom placer which is 36 times efficient can be utilized for fast and easy pumping up to 36 meters.
  • Computerisation of our processes ensures quality products delivered on time with the greatest amount of responsibility and with high professionalism.
  • Bulker Unloading System finds use as positive displacement pump and comprises multiple screw support for moving fluids/solids along defined screw axis. At Q-Mix, We have a total of 5 bulkers to transport raw materials such as fly ash and cement to our plant.
Depending on the type of application and your site requirements, our professional team will be able to consult and supply concretes that are stronger, more durable, quicker to develop, better suited to mass pours, and environment-friendly. We use our own bulkers instead of third party bulkers to transport raw materials.


Some of the benefits of working with us are as follows :
  • 1. We are a customer-centric organization. We put the needs of the customer above everything. Hence our team of specialists will learn more about your requirements and provide you with a solution that is most suitable for your construction needs
  • 2. As our name suggests, We emphasize a lot on "Q". Q represents Quality. At every process of our development, we ensure that the products manufactured are of high-quality standards.
  • 3. We have professional millers who ensure that the products are transported and delivered to the customer site.
  • 4. Our highly skilled engineers provide you with consultancy services to choose the solution that is best suited for your construction needs.
  • 5. We use state of the art technology at our organization which ensures quality products in optimal time with best prices.
For any further enquiries, Please contact us in the following numbers :
M (+91)-7034008800
M (+91)-9645006300

Email: qmix@nalakathindia.com