GFRC is a composite material made of portland cement, silica sand and reinforced with randomly dispersed alkali- resistant glass fibers and polymer emulsions. The fibers serve a purpose similar to the reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete. The glass fibers add flexual, tensile and impact strength allowing for the production of strong and durable, yet thin and lightweight. cladding architectural panels for all types of buildings GFRC is material with high initial is plasticity that is responsive to designers needs. It can be molded into a variety of sculptured and complex rectilinear and curvilinear shapes. Traditional architectural shapes amd intricate ornamental details can be faithfully reproduced, but also complex surface designs or profiles can be cast to suit architect's requirements. Optimum economy occurs however when reuse of forms is maximized with product repetition. A variety of colors and textures are available, including simulating natural stone, terracotta, and metal
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