Message from the Chairman

We are witnessing an era of industrialization and we see new building structures blossoming out of earth every year. It is in the gene of man him wanting to have more luxuries in his life. Although we are well advanced in our education and other criterias in Kerala, we are often pushed backwards in the construction industry owing to lack of quality quarries and mining fields. We suffer natural disasters owing to the poor management of these work fields. Even when we are having all these issues, we are facing serious shortage of building materials and the materials that are coming out of the majority some quarries are of poor quality. At Nalakath we believe in quality building materials for superior building structures that are safely built. At our worksite spanning over more than 200 acres, we employ latest technologies and experience workforce combined to bring best quality materials to the people of Kerala. We are on a mission to provide our Q brand materials which are defined by quality to the masses