Q-Asphalt, a division of Nalakath Group provides exceptional technology at a low acquisition price. The plant utilises multiple coupled geared motors that reduce fuel and minimise maintenance costs. The efficient burner is another cost-saver, while the hourly output capacity makes the plant’s desirable for any business.
A fuel-efficient burner that provides excellent drying performance with a simple and easy-to-adjust mechanism to set air / fuel ratios for efficient combustion and pollution control • A burner that can process multiple types of liquid fuel • A baghouse that ensures suspended particulate matter (SPM) levels are within the specified limits • A distribution deck that dispenses material to multiple screens to avoid overload and the damage it can cause • A proven twin-shaft paddle mixer • Large feeder bins, hot bins and hot-mix storage silos
• An unbeatable cost in its market segment • Multiple coupled geared motors that eliminate the need for a linkage, thereby reducing parts and maintenance costs
• Simple and easy to use • Designed and tested for tough environments
• Utilisation of up to 25 per cent cold RAP
For any further enquiries, Please contact us in the following numbers : (+91)-7034008800 / (+91)-9645006300 Email: qmix@nalakathindia.com