Q-Metals is the finest engineering company. Our product portfolio includes equipment for construction, commercial kitchens, domestic kitchens, I hospitals, retail, engineering and architectural applications. Over the years we have proved our might in a multitude of field including hospitals trading etc...And of the latest we have extended our dedicated services with a vision to archive performance excellence in metals. Our dedicated fabrication team with rich experience is engaged in our kitchen wares aswel as construction equipment Props, span, shuttering sheet. scaffolding. column box) using quality steel to suit the requirement of customer. In addition to above we are offering our service for plasma cutting, shearing, rolling, and bending of MS And Stainless Steel materials. We offer our service at best competitive rate as per the specific customer requirement. Perfect Quality is the bench mark for both materials and works. This is assured through the pre set engineering standards.
Q-Metals mission is dedicated to providing our customers with quality manufacturing services in an environment of continuous improvement that produces profitable growth for our customers and our inventors. And our vision is to be a world class manufacturer of quality, custom ,precision parts and fabrication that is chosen by our customers because we provide quality that meets or exceeds their expectations, deliveries that are on-time or early, price that are affordable; ideas services and solutions that solves their problems and improves their products and business Our customers' needs are primary. As requirement grow and change, so must our skills and workmanship, always measuring our effectiveness by your satisfaction. Here are three ways we get there: The right equipment- better results are born from modern technologies: CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC Shearing machine, Hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic press brakes, Threading machine, Iron worker, Band saw, Rolling machine, Lathe. The right process- proven procedures and techniques and thorough inspections allow for quick turnaround and unmatched accuracy. The right people technically progressive and experienced, our people consider the entire project scope before work begins and add value insight every project.
Kitchen & lInteriors. Pre Engineering Building systems. Shuttering Props, span and column box. Scaffolding and accessories. Shuttering Plates. Special Purpose modules.
  • Plasma cutting up to 35mm thick.
  • Shearing and bending up to 10mm thick.
  • Sheet rolling up to 10mm.
  • Committed to quality and dedication.
  • Timely delivery of finished products.
  • Competitive rate.
  • Customer satisfaction assured.
  • Managed by professionals with rich experience.
Whether the order is for one part or hundreds, Q-Metals is organized to efficiently handle customer orders.
Manufacturing to customer requirements and timelines is key to all fabrication projects. our experienced welders knows the materials, from thin to thick. and use their experience producing quality custom fabrication for a variety of demanding industries.
For any further enquiries, Please contact us in the following numbers : (+91)-9656818222 Email: info@nalakathindia.com